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"Education is the foundation of our society"

Windhoek High School have always been one of the best education institutions in Namibia. Over the years, many businessmen, doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, teachers, sportsmen/women, etc. have been educated at the Blue School and today contribute to the Namibian economy. We are proud of you.

However, with the announcement of Free Education, our school needs financial assistance to make ends meet. Your contribution will truly be appreciated.

For a direct investment into the education of a less fortunate learner, please contribute to the WHS Parent's Trust. Annual fee is N$6600 per learner. This can also be done with a monthly debit order.

For a assistance to the school, please contribute to the WHS School Foundation. Please specify how do you want your contribution to be used.

WHS Parent's Trust
Acc: 62256669114
Branch: 281872
Ref: Your name: Donation

WHS School Foundation
Acc: 62244053451
Branch: 281872
Ref: Your name: Maintenance/Teaching Assistance/ Sport/General

Please contact Ben ( or Marly ( for any questions.

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