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About Us

Windhoek High School, a school where tradition combines with technology to create a wide spectrum of possibilities and opportunities.

Religious and moral principles, strict discipline and teaching and coaching of the highest quality, are the cornerstones of this educational establishment.

Where more than a 1000 learners and teachers are allies an together we help shape our destinies.

Todays achievements art tomorrows standards. Our vision is to create a centre of excellence at WHS.

Virtus Floreat : Virtues Flourish. The idea of Mr WJG Anderson, the first principal of WHS, and used for the first time in 1919. The Old Scholars Association Motto is Virtus Semper Floreat: Virtues will flourish forever.

The WHS road map in to the future

At Windhoek High School we:

  • ensure effective and efficient governance of the school;
  • establish a team of well qualified, professional, motivated teachers;
  • employ innovative and effective approaches to quality teaching;
  • establish a disciplined, caring and stimulating learning environment;
  • ensure WHS is ranked academically under the top 10 schools in Namibia every year;
  • challenge learners to achieve excellence in academic, cultural and sport activities;
  • provide well-maintained buildings, classrooms and sport facilities;
  • secure positive relations with feeder schools and other secondary schools;
  • establish quality involvement of parents, the community and alumni.

WHS, the school of choice, inspiring learners towards a flourishing future.

Guided by the WHS motto, Virtus Floreat, we strive to integrate character-forming values into our school ethos:

  1. We value VIRTUE and honour the proud traditions of our school.
  2. We value CLEAR GOALS for teacher and learner achievement.
  3. We value INTEGRITY and a firm attachment to moral principles.
  4. We value CHARACTER and will not compromise what is right.
  5. We value RESPECT for self and for others.
  6. We accept RESPONSIBILITY for our education, decisions and actions.
  7. We value nurturing A POSITIVE ATTITUDE towards teaching, learning and life.
  8. We value the TRUTH and cherish honesty and truthfulness in all we say and do.
  9. We value the TRUTH and cherish honesty and truthfulness in all we say and do.
  10. We value HUMILITY as a key factor in personal success.
  11. We value CREATIVITY and strive to implement new ideas from teachers, learners and parents if it can add positive value to the well-being of the school.

Within well-developed and maintained school and hostel facilities. WHS offers:

  • Accessible, equitable, qualitative education to learners
  • A comprehensive curriculum based on religious and moral principles
  • The most comprehensive subject choice in Namibia
  • A NSSC curriculum for Grades 11 and 12 with internationally accepted standard in (H)IGCSE subjects
  • An atmosphere conclusive to academic excellence
  • A value based, disciplined learning environment
  • A well-equipped computer centre where the following is available
    • exposure to internet for every learner (including 24 hrs. online access)
    • the subject Computer Studies, developing programming skills
    • the subject Word Processing, developing the basic computer skills of Grade 8 to 12 learners
    • exposure to the Auto CAD program
    • exposure to Turbo Cash for learners taking Accounting as a subject
    • the subject Keyboarding and Word Processing
  • Well-equipped Science laboratories
  • A media centre with 10 000 books and modern learning facilities
  • A special program to develop the entrepreneurial skills of learners
  • Special programs to develop self-knowledge, self-esteem, leadership skills, basic life skills, etc.
  • Exposure outside the boundaries of Namibia, through annual tours
  • Excellent coaching in 12 sports codes and several cultural activities, by teachers and experts from outside the school
  • Professional Career Guidance by 2 Guidance teachers
  • Professional administration and organization of the sport program by a specially employed sports Organizer.
  • A unique WHS-culture of success, developed over more than 90 years
  • A Windhoek School Foundation managed by an independent Trust, rewarding teachers for hard work
  • A loyal Alumnae Association

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